The AxePaxe® is so much more than a guitar accessories case.

Whether you’re a professional musician, an amateur, a weekend warrior, a student, or anything else in between, the AxePaxe® is a guitarist’s best friend. The AxePaxe® keeps you playing by putting all of your essentials right at your fingertips. It keeps you organized by providing customized housing for all of your accessories.

It keeps you moving because it’s a grab and go solution for today’s mobile musicians, whether playing your guitar at a gig or in your friend’s basement. It keeps your wife, your boyfriend, or your mom happy because your gear isn’t cluttering up every table, every bookshelf, every everywhere all over the house. Plus, it’s just plain – cool.

It’s the Mick to your Keith.  The Plant to your Page.  Focusing your creative spirit as a guitarist.

Playing the guitar is cool. Digging through your mom’s abandoned jewelry case for your tuner is not cool.

For decades, the millions of guitarists worldwide have been digging through old shoe boxes, stuffing too-small jewelry cases, or lugging around huge tool boxes or tackle boxes looking for a guitar pick or strings or a capo or a slide or a tuner or any of their other accessories or tools.

For those guitarists who didn’t succumb to one of these sad non-solutions, they have been tossing everything that would fit in their guitar cases – an absolute mess at all times and a frustrating interruption to playing the guitar.

AxePaxe® to the rescue.  AxePaxe® is the solution.  The AxePaxe® is the revolutionary new guitar accessories case specifically designed to store and organize all of a guitarist’s accessories and tools.

The AxePaxe® is your companion while you play the guitar.  Everything you need is suddenly literally at your fingertips.  It’s beautiful and cool.  It stows away easily or can be proudly displayed.  The initial colors are candy apple, butterscotch, seafoam, and gunmetal.