The AxePaxe

What Our Customers Say About Us

“I’m really excited and super stoked about the AxePaxe®. It’s super cool and I think every guitar player will want this. It’s just awesome and is such a great product. I love how well-designed and sexy it is. The front lid for picks is amazing. It’s so great for organizing and storing really everything you need. I can’t recommend this highly enough! Buy one!”

Nick PantanoSound Space

“The Axe Paxe is an ingeniously constructed plastic case for all your performing and recording needs designed to hold all your six-string accessories available in an assortment of pleasing color patterns.“

Rich and Laura LynchMusic City Nashville

“The AxePaxe® is what I’ve been looking for for decades! It’s beautiful and sturdy and holds everything I need to play guitar at my fingertips. I really appreciate all the little details, like the iPad holder, the instant access to my slide, and the disappearing pick tray. I can’t imagine playing guitar without the AxePaxe®.”

Paul FeltmanThe 18 Wheelers, Guitarist and Singer